AMKCO Whey separator

Whey resulting from cheese production contains a certain amount of dust curd, which is sieved out, usually through a 43 or 32 microns screen and removed from the machine as cheese. Many cheese factories make use of the combination, Vibratory separator - fat centrifuge - pasteurization - Reverse Osmosis, with the aim being to reduce the amount of whey by removing water and concentrating the whey. Concentrated whey is better for the cheese factory because it attracts the highest price per cubic meter. AMKCO has developed a special vibrating screen for this process: the AMKCO whey separator.


With pre-filtration using an AMKCO whey separator, the quality of the cheese from the sieve is similar to that of cheese from the factory. Unlike centrifuges or rotating sieves, the AMKCO whey separator does not damage the structure of the cheese, making it very valuable after sieving.


The fat centrifuge is a costly element in the chain.

This removes the fat from the whey. Fat is a component that is added to cheese as an ingredient during cheese production and has a very high value. Centrifuges are, however, very sensitive to contamination and require regular maintenance. The AMKCO whey separator ensures whey of such quality after sieving that the fat centrifuge is no longer hindered by contamination (and therefore, has fewer maintenance requirements), but the efficiency of the fat centrifuge is also significantly increased, yielding more fat.


AMKCO whey separators are equipped with a motor of up to 1.8 kW as standard and a capacity of 30-35 m3/hour are easily achieved. This ensures the filtration process is also particularly efficient.

Why choose an AMKCO vibratory separator?


Single spherical elements, allowing

 the thin, light stainless steel to be as strong as possible and able to

handle the vibrations


Ultra-light stainless steel increases the functionality and efficiency of the machines


No welds starting or ending

in sharp corners


3-year guarantee on AMKCO

machine parts


Strong in custom-made solutions

and product development


Strong in flexibility and efficiency

through in-house manufacturing

and assembly


AMKCO parts can be used in

machines from competing brands


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