AMKCO is the right place for separator screens. AMKCO manufactures and assembles new screens for standard vibratory separators, but if you would like your existing screen to be re-screened, please contact us. We can also offer you so-called specials. So you can even replace your special screen with one from AMKCO.


New screen


Does your vibratory separator need a new screen? AMKCO produces new screens for both existing AMKCO vibratory separators and vibratory separators from competing brands. Thanks to our in-house production and assembly facility, we can deliver a completely new screen in a very short space of time.

Re-screening an old screen


Is your screen a little loose and not working properly? You do not have to purchase a whole screen in this case. AMKCO can easily re-screen your screen so that it will be working perfectly again.




If you have installed a customized vibratory separator with a specialized screen, it can sometimes be tricky to replace this particular deck. AMKCO can manufacture virtually any size and form of screen. If required, we can remake the rings of a competing brand in order to fit an AMKCO sieve into your existing vibratory separator.


Why choose an AMKCO vibratory separator?


Single spherical elements, allowing

 the thin, light stainless steel to be as strong as possible and able to

handle the vibrations


Ultra-light stainless steel increases the functionality and efficiency of the machines


No welds starting or ending

in sharp corners


3-year guarantee on AMKCO

machine parts


Strong in custom-made solutions

and product development


Strong in flexibility and efficiency

through in-house manufacturing

and assembly


AMKCO parts can be used in

machines from competing brands


direct contact met Amkco Europe
direct contact met Amkco Europe