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Starch is sieved in both solid and liquid form. Today, starch is one of the largest protein-containing natural products and demand is increasing. For example, when you purée potato, 99% fibre is retained, of which 1% is starch. The vibratory separators of AMKCO international are widely deployed throughout the starch industry. AMKCO vibratory separators are often chosen because of the reliability of the machines and the flexibility of AMKCO itself.


Olive oil


When olives are pressed, olive oil, fibres and waste water are left behind. Olive oil waste water is called "black water". Apart from the oil, the fibres are also sold, but the waste water also contains a lot of fibres, which means the water may not be discharged. In order to be allowed to discharge the waste water, the fibres must be filtered out. This ensures that the discharge of the waste water costs a lot less money. Furthermore, the cleaner waste water can be used for the irrigation of plantations. This has now been approved in the law, which means investment in a vibratory separator is even more attractive. With an AMKCO vibratory separator, more can be earned in the olive oil industry and there is less pollution for the environment.

Meat meal and animal fats


Bones, skin and residual products of animal carcasses are cooked. In order to be able to retain the animal fat, fibres and bones are sieved out and ground into meat meal. The sieving of meat meal and animal fats is better for the environment because the remaining fat is cleaner. In addition, using an AMKCO vibratory separator, more money can be made on meat meal

Rubber recycling


Canvas is used to strengthen car and truck tires. Once the canvas fibres have been broken during recycling, the rubber is weakened, meaning the rubber can be reused. The canvas fibres must therefore be filtered from the rubber, so the rubber can be reused for other purposes. Standard vibratory separators cannot be employed for the sieving of rubber. AMKCO has a great deal of knowledge and experience with the sieving of rubber. AMKCO vibratory separators are often used for rubber recycling, since they feature efficient cleaning systems. This increases the potential uses when the rubber is reused.

Why choose an AMKCO vibratory separator?


Single spherical elements, allowing

 the thin, light stainless steel to be as strong as possible and able to

handle the vibrations


Ultra-light stainless steel increases the functionality and efficiency of the machines


No welds starting or ending

in sharp corners


3-year guarantee on AMKCO

machine parts


Strong in custom-made solutions

and product development


Strong in flexibility and efficiency

through in-house manufacturing

and assembly


AMKCO parts can be used in

machines from competing brand

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