Liquid sieves...

AMKCO has been manufacturing and assembling (custom) vibratory separators for both dry and liquid processes for more than 25 years. On this page, you will find information about the different processes and you can navigate to the applicable AMKCO vibratory separator with a simple click. Discover the different possibilities of the AMKCO vibratory separators.


Liquid sieves


Besides vibratory separators for dry materials, AMKCO also produces many vibratory separators for wet sieving processes. For example, viscous fluids, dehydration and whey filtration in a cheese factory. Did you know that 65% of our vibratory separators are used for the sieving/filtration of liquids? Whether it's viscous liquids such as cocoa mass, melted cheese, manure or liquids such as waste water, whey or fruit juices: AMKCO is active in many liquid-based industries and has extensive experience in this field. We would be happy to explain the two common liquid sieve processes so you can decide which AMKCO vibratory separator can best facilitate your business.

Would you like more information about choosing the appropriate AMKCO vibratory separator for your dry sieving processes? Or do you already have a good idea what you need? Contact AMKCO directly.

Why choose an AMKCO vibratory separator?


Single spherical elements, allowing

 the thin, light stainless steel to be as strong as possible and able to

handle the vibrations


Ultra-light stainless steel increases the functionality and efficiency of the machines


No welds starting or ending

in sharp corners


3-year guarantee on AMKCO

machine parts


Strong in custom-made solutions

and product development


Strong in flexibility and efficiency

through in-house manufacturing

and assembly


AMKCO parts can be used in

machines from competing brands

direct contact met Amkco Europe
direct contact met Amkco Europe