Control sieving

AMKCO has been manufacturing and assembling (custom) vibratory separators for both dry and liquid processes for more than 25 years. On this page, you will find information about the different processes and you can navigate to the applicable AMKCO vibratory separator with a simple click. Discover the different possibilities of the AMKCO vibratory separators


Dry materials


AMKCO is an expert in the sieving of various dry materials. We manufacture and assemble vibratory separators for the "control sieving", "de-dusting" and "fractionation". These sieve processes can all be achieved with a vibrating vibratory separator, but each requires a totally different approach. We will explain the sieve processes in more detail below.


Control sieving  (Classification)


Control sieving (or classification) is perhaps the process for which a vibrating vibratory separator is most often used. With control sieving, (for example) a powder containing a small amount of foreign objects flows through the machine with the objective being to remove these foreign objects. If the powder flow has an average particle size of 100 microns and the foreign objects

 2-5 mm, this is simple and each vibratory separator will be able to handle this with a screen with a mesh aperture of 1 mm. If the difference between the product and the foreign objects is large enough, we call it coarse sieving. However, control sieving is also possible in cases where the difference between the product and the foreign objects is small, or in cases where both are very fine. This second case is called fine sieving.


The classic AMKCO vibrating vibratory separator has a spherical bottom, which guides the product towards a tangentially located outlet. This type of frame has capacity limitations. The product moves in a spiral movement on the way to the outlet of the vibratory separator and a large amount of the product will fill the machine. In most cases, the limiting factor will be the capacity of the screen mesh (the surface area of the screen that is available), but for those applications where this is not the case, a "Scalper frame" is available. A diagonally placed, flat bottom removes the product quickly towards the outlet. This scalper frame can be placed in any AMKCO vibratory separator and prevents the bottom of the vibratory separator becoming clogged with the product.

Why choose an AMKCO vibratory separator?


Single spherical elements, allowing

 the thin, light stainless steel to be as strong as possible and able to

handle the vibrations


Ultra-light stainless steel increases the functionality and efficiency of the machines


No welds starting or ending

in sharp corners


3-year guarantee on AMKCO

machine parts


Strong in custom-made solutions

and product development


Strong in flexibility and efficiency

through in-house manufacturing

and assembly


AMKCO parts can be used in

machines from competing brands


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